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Companion Care in [Primary Geo]

Our heartfelt elderly companion care goes beyond daily tasks — fostering deep connections and enriching the lives of seniors.

What is companion care?

At-home companion care can help combat the chronic loneliness and isolation that many [Primary Geo] seniors experience. A companion caregiver visits a senior’s home for socialization and emotional and physical support. 

From participating in hobbies like watching a favorite show or playing a board game to conversing over a meal or a cup of coffee, companion care creates fun and memorable moments in a senior’s life at home. If an older loved one needs a trusted friend to talk to, accompany them to appointments or outings, or participate in their favorite activities, companion care helps fill the gaps in-between family visits.

a place at home caregiver working on puzzle with elderly woman

What does companion
care include?

a place at home caregiver and elderly woman

Stimulating conversation
and socializing

a place at home caregiver playing chess with elderly couple

Participating in favorite
hobbies or activities

A place at home happy caregiver and elderly woman

Opening and sorting
through mail and email

Help navigating and interacting with people on social media

How does companion care help seniors?

Companion care helps keep seniors’ daily lives active and engaging. It allows older loved ones to retain their independence and age in place without experiencing social isolation. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), isolation and loneliness can pose serious health risks to older adults. Experiencing loneliness long-term can lead to a higher risk of depression, anxiety, dementia, heart disease, stroke, and more. 

Having a companion to talk to, turn to, and experience moments with can make a huge difference in a senior’s quality of life. It takes the pressure off of family caregivers when they can’t be with their loved one due to other responsibilities and empowers seniors to live a more fulfilling day-to-day life.

A place at home caregiver helping elderly woman

Who provides companion care?

At A Place At Home of [Primary Geo], we hire and train kindhearted companions who are looking to build meaningful connections with seniors. Learn more about our compassionate home health aides, companions, and homemakers on our caregivers page.

Match With a Caring Companion

Reach out to your [geo 1] A Place At Home team to get started on the path toward a brighter future, with the support of a warm and kind companion. Proudly serving seniors and their loved ones in [geo 1], [geo 2], [geo 3], and the surrounding areas.